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“With over 40 published clinical papers, 12 years market experience and a unique medical heritage, there is simply no other LED light therapy system that offers businesses and professionals the peace of mind like Omnilux.”

Brand Manager – Omnilux

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Omnilux™ enhances existing treatments such as Facials, IPL, Laser and many more. Use Omnilux™ to supercharge your clients results leading to greater customer retention rates and higher valued services. Trusted the world around by consumers and endorsed by influential celebrities, Omnilux™ lifts the profile of your business, brining new clients to your door.

Omnilux™ is a very simple service and training can be conducted in a single 3-hour session where staff will learn:

    • The theory behind Omnilux™ Light Therapy
    • Benefits and results that can be achieved
    • How to use the machine
  • How to combine Omnilux™ with other products for maximum treatment efficiency.

Dr Colin Whitehurst of the Christie Hospital in Manchester, UK, created a PDT lamp with the properties of a laser that would eliminate cancer cells without damaging surrounding normal tissue. He then discovered that his lamp was not only improving cancer lesions, but was also rejuvenating the skin around them. Further research ensued, Photo Therapeutics patented the lamp and the first Omnilux was born. To learn more about about the Omnilux™ inventor:

Dr Whitehurst

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